SEBI - New Circular - SCORES


If the investors has to raise the complaints for non- receipt of allotment letter, share certificate etc., against company or intermediaries will submit a compliant letter to SEBI for redressal. In 2009-10, SEBI received 32,200 investor complaints and in 2008-09, there were 57,580. and redressed 2.5 million cases till 2009-10.

Now SEBI comes with new circular that all complaints pertaining to all the listed companies and intermediaries, depository, mutual funds, CIS, Bankers to Issue, Underwriters etc, can filed electronically through SCORES.

Once the complaints has been registered against the company, then company has to take action for the complaints and should submit the ATR (Action Taken Reports) through electronically with the supporting documents. At same time company can view the pending complaints.

Meaning of SCORES

Usually we come cross the word "SCORES" in CRICKET, But here SEBI give the expalantion for the word "SCORES"

SCORES - SEBI Complaints Redress System

Features of SCORES

1. Centralized database of all complaints.
2. Online movement of complaints to the concerned intermediaries
3. Online upload of Action Taken Reports (ATRs) by the concerned entities, and
4. Online viewing by investors of action on the complaints and its current status.

About New Circular

All complaints shall be forwarded electronically through SCORES Only.

The Company can view the pending complaints and has to submit the ATR along with supporting documents electronically in SCORES.

The Submission of physical ATR will not be accepted for complaints lodged in SCORES.

A daily alert pending complaints will be forwarded to your Compliance Officer. Hence, the company has to send the current details of the Compliance
Officer i.e. name and email ID to SEBI by August 20, 2011 to (BTI) and (DT) with subject “SCORES”. On receipt of the same, the user ID and password for logging into SCORES shall be communicated.