CS New Training Programme

ICSI announced New Training Structure for CS Students, changes in TOP, ADP, SMTP programme, Exectuive programme students sholud undergo 3 programmes...

Applicability: Students which are registered on or after 1st Septemer, 2009

Student Induction Program (SIP) (7 days Programme): Students shall complete SIP Within 6 months of Registration for CS Executive Programme. SIP will be conducted by ICSI's Regional Councils like NIRC, SIRC, EIRC & WIRC and 'A' & 'B' grade Chapters along with a fees of Rs.1,000/-
Executive Development Program (EDP)(8 Days Programme): EDP is the new name of Training Orientation Programme (TOP). EDP as a pre-requisite for Training which shall be done after passing CS Executive Programme Exams remains as such. To register for EDP, only physical application shall be made to the nearest ICSI chapter along with a fees of Rs.1,000/

Professional Development Program (PDP): PDP is the new name of Academic Development Programme (ADP) which remains for the period of 25 hours after completion of Executive Development Programme (EDP) and during the course of CS Training.

RoC/Stock Exchange Training: The 15 days RoC or Specialised Institutions training on completion of 12 months of CS Training remains as such.