The result of Professional Programme, Executive Programme (Old Syllabus), Executive  Programme (New Syllabus) and OMR based Foundation Programme Examinations held in December, 2013 will be declared on Tuesday, the 25th February, 2014 as per the following

(i) Professional Programme 10.00 A. M.
(ii) Executive Programme (Old and New Syllabus) 12.30 P.M.
(iii) OMR based Foundation Programme 2.30 P.M.

 The result along with candidates’ individual subject-wise break-up of marks will be available on the Institute’s website: on declaration of the result.

The Result-cum-Marks Statement of Professional Programme Examination will be dispatched to the candidates immediately after declaration of the result. In case the physical copy of Result-cum-Marks Statement is not received by any candidate within 30 days of  declaration of result, he/she may contact the Institute at: along with his/her particulars.

Formal e-Result-cum-Marks Statement of Executive Programme (Old Syllabus), Executive Programme (New Syllabus) and OMR based Foundation Programme Examinations will be uploaded on the website of the Institute: immediately on declaration of result, for downloading by candidates for their reference, use and records. No physical copy of Result–cum–Marks Statement will be issued for these two stages of examination.